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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Canadian University Majors: How to Learn More

If you want to learn more about college and university majors in Canada and the schools that offer them, try these online resources. You'll learn what information is best at each website and watch a video tutorial on how to use Working in Canada as an education exploration tool.

Best for:
  • Narrowing your education choices based on your interests
  • Help making a decision

Our website focuses on how to choose what to study in Canada, whether it is at a college or university.  Start with:
  1. Personality-major match, and why it’s important (leads to better grades, e.g.); then
  2. How to choose a major in Canada; and
  3. 4 steps of high quality decision making.

Depending on your interests, read articles like the pros and cons of liberal arts majors and how to learn more about yourself.

Best for:
  • Finding majors related to an occupation
  • A description of majors and “what graduates think” of them
  • Narrowing schools offering a major to a specific province or location

If you’ve taken Career Key Canada’s career assessment, then you already have a list of Canadian occupations that match your Holland personality types, each one linked to its Working in Canada listing. You can also browse and choose careers at our “Match Your Personality with Careers” article.

When you do an occupation search on Working in Canada (WIC) for audiologist (for example), it has a link to “Education & Job Requirements” with excellent information on who offers programs and sources of helpful information (like the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists and its section on “Professions.”)

In our new Canadian playlist, this 2 minute video shows you how to use Working in Canada for education exploration on thecareerkey’s YouTube Channel:

WIC does have an educational program search but I found it doesn’t work well on its own for finding a program. Searching that way for “audiology” brings up 0 results. I believe that is because the word “audiology” is not listed in a program title – so you have to have an exact program name keyword match for this work.

Best for:
  • Finding Canadian schools that offer a major or program
  • Financial aid information, scholarships

The key to using CanLearn’s program search is to make sure your search terms for a major are broad, choosing a search type of “All Words” and “All Program Information” in advanced search.  The default advanced search is for “Program Names Only” so you’ll likely want to change that, especially if your first search is unsuccessful.

I would recommend using both websites in your research because they offer different information. Make sure to follow their links to professional organizations because sometimes those websites are more up to date and informative.  

Have suggestions for other high-quality online resources for learning more about education options in Canada? Please leave them in the comments. (no spam please!)

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