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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Join Career Key on Facebook to Share Fun, Interesting Career Choices

Starting today, Career Key is inviting our fans on the Career Key Facebook page to share success stories about people and their career choices who they think showcase Holland's Theory of Career Choice in action.  Our first suggestion is a person who combines his Social/Artistic personality with an occupation he created --  "Educating Rapper" - come watch the video! Sound interesting? Come and participate (we are offering free Career Key products to early birds). 

Embracing Facebook's new timeline look, Career Key's Facebook page has recently changed so if you haven't visited in awhile or haven't visited us yet, please do! I worked hard to figure out Facebook's new look so I appreciate any feedback.

Finally, if you "Like" us or leave comments, I promise we won't spam you (Honestly, we don't know how. I'm too afraid to offend people anyway).  We post about 2-3x a week - but we try for quality, not quantity.  So you won't be bombarded with messages in your news feed.

If you're big on social media, we have a Twitter Account too:  @TheCareerKey

Thank you for engaging with us!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exploring Career Clusters and Career Pathways by Holland Personality Type

Need to choose a career cluster or pathway? If you'd like choose one based on your interests and strongest Holland personality types, look no further than Career Key's "Choose a Career Cluster, Field or Pathway" article.

The article guides you through the five steps of a good decision, including a free downloadable Career Key map of Career Clusters (see right).

You can also explore occupations listed by Holland type and Career Key work group, and their assigned career clusters.

Realistic Occupations and Their Career Clusters
Investigative Occupations and Their Career Clusters
Artistic Occupations and Their Career Clusters
Social Occupations and Their Career Clusters
Enterprising Occupations and Their Career Clusters
Conventional Occupations and Their Career Clusters

You can check off the occupations you like and bookmark or print the page to keep. When you "mouseover " the clusters at the right of each page, it shows you the career pathways for that cluster in a shaded box. Below is an example showing the pathways for the Architecture and Construction career cluster:

Like many others do, please take advantage of our "Share This" menu to email or share these pages on social media.

If you haven't taken a valid assessment of your Holland types yet, please take the Career Key career test. To see all the career pathways for the occupations and clusters you identified, you'll find them in our affordable 118 page PDF eBook, "5 Steps to Choosing the Right Career Cluster, Field, or Pathway". There is a special discount when you purchase the test and eBook together.