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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give Thanks for Careers Helping People in a Disaster

To celebrate Thanksgiving,  Career Key has made a list below of careers and occupations that we rely on in a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy – obvious ones and those behind the scenes.  All this month, please give thanks for the people who help us when we need it most.

All of us live with disaster risk.  91% of Americans live in places at moderate to high risk of earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, high-wind damage or terrorism. (Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute, at University of South Carolina.)  Chances are we or someone we know will be impacted by a natural disaster.

We need many different kinds of people and jobs to help us, in large and small ways – to prepare, plan and recover from a disaster. When you need help, comfort, and information, more than just fire and police departments become involved.

If you’re wondering how to choose a career or volunteer job that gives to your community, consider all the ways these careers help.  Feel free to suggest more careers in the comments - I know this is not an exhaustive list.

We organized these careers by the six Holland personality types and Career Key Work Group (not all groups are shown below).  To learn more about personality-career match and to see a longer list of career options with links to career information (salary, job outlook, training and education), visit Career Key’s “Match Your Personality with Careers.”  The Occupational Outlook Handbook is the best resource for information about these careers.

For more lists of careerscollege majorsgreen jobscareer clusters and career pathways organized by Holland personality type and Career Key Work Group, visit the Career Key website,

Careers That Help People in a Natural Disaster


Agriculture & Natural Resources
Forest or Conservation Worker

Safety and Law Enforcement
Emergency Medical Technician
Fire Fighter
Fire Inspector
Police Officer

Construction and Building Inspector
Cartographer or Photogrammetrist

Crafts – Electrical-Electronic
Electrical Power-Line Installer & Repairer
Telecommunication Equipment Installer or Repairer

Transportation and Distribution
Aircraft Pilots (Coast Guard and other government personnel taking measurements by air)
Ambulance Drivers, except EMTs

Construction Crafts & Support
Hazardous Materials Removal Worker
The Construction Trades: Carpenters, Plumbers, and Roofers

Systems Operation
Power Plant Operator
Water Treatment Plant Operator


Physical Sciences
Atmospheric Scientist
Environmental Scientist
Soil Conservationist

Life Sciences
Conservation Scientist
Natural Sciences Manager

Computer Science & Technology
Computer Programmer
Computer Software Engineer
Network and Computer System Administrator

Mathematics and Data Analysis
Operations Research Analyst

Social Sciences
Urban or Regional Planner

Civil Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Health and Safety Engineer
Nuclear Engineer


Visual Arts
Graphic Designer 

Broadcast News Analyst
Reporter or Correspondent
Technical or Scientific Editor or Writer


Social Services
Clinical Psychologist
Eligibility Interviewer
Medical and Public Health Social Worker

Nursing, Therapy & Health Promotion
Registered Nurse

Child & Adult Care
Home Health Aide
Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse
Social & Human Service Assistant

Educational Services
School Teachers (all grades)


Business Administration
Administrative Services Manager
Chief Executive Officer
Computer and Information System Manager
Construction Manager
Engineering Manager
Lodging Manager (e.g. Hotel, Motel, Resort)
Medical and Health Services Manager
Natural Science Manager
Transportation, Storage, or Distribution Manager

Government and Public Administration
Education Administrator
Government Service Executive
Emergency Management Director

Regulations Enforcement
Occupational Safety and Health Inspector


Mathematical Detail
Claim Adjuster, Examiner, or Investigator
Cost Estimator
Insurance Underwriter

Oral Communications
Air Traffic Controller
Customer Service Representative
Police, Fire, or Ambulance Dispatcher

Materials & Records Processing
Production, Planning, or Expediting Clerk

Administrative Detail
Budget Analyst
Occupational Health and Safety Technician