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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 4 Free Career Development Downloads from Career Key and Career Key Canada

Looking for free, high quality career development resources for yourself or a group?  This is the first in a 4 part series highlighting Career Key's most popular, low-cost downloads and articles. Some you may already know about - others may be new to you. First, a little Q & A:

Why do we do we charge so little? We want to make professional-quality career development available to everyone. Reading Career Key author Lawrence K. Jones's personal story, our mission, and our donations to charity give a little context.

Why isn’t everything free, like The Career Key test, Career Key Canada test, and Match Up! to College Majors? We need to support our websites and we decided:
  • not to show ads,
  • not to mine/sell your personal data (via registration requirement), and
  • to subsidize and offer counselors & non-profits low cost group discounts for scientifically valid career assessments and ePublications.
Crazy? Maybe. But retiring in the Bahamas was never our goal...

Here are Career Key and Career Key Canada’s websites’ top 4 most popular free downloads - and where you can find them. Please link to them (without framing) and share the links with others!

1.  “Foundation Skills - Job Skills all Workers Need for the 21st Century”
Foundation Job Skills at The Career Key website
Foundation Job Skills at The Career Key Canada website
Good for: individuals, discussion groups, workshops, classrooms
PDF, free for non-commercial use.  If you want to purchase a license to make copies (and help support us), go to our eBookstore and pay only $5.95 to make 25 copies of “Advice and Actions for Making Smart Career Decisions” - a 25 page collection of our most popular web articles, including this “Foundation Skills” handout.

2.  Choosing a College Major Based on Your Personality: What does the research say? (Canadian version)Describes Holland's Theory of Career Choice, the supporting research for using it to choose a college major, and 5 strategies for making a good college major match.
Good for: students, parents, counselors and educators
Find the article here:
Choosing a College Major at The Career Key website
Choosing a College Major in Canada at The Career Key Canada website

3.  Choosing a Career Cluster, Field, or Pathways?  Download our free, Career Key Career Clusters and Career Pathways Map. You can use it to match your Holland personality with Career Clusters and Pathways.
Good for: students, parents, school counselors, and educators
Find the PDF and the "Choose a Career Cluster, Field or Pathway" article at The Career Key website

4.  Guide to Using The Career Key to Meet the ASCA (American School Counselors Association) National Model Competencies
Good for: school counselors interested in affordable ways to fulfill student competencies in career development (part of the ASCA National Model).
Find the article at The Career Key website
Find the article at The Career Key Canada website

Next post.... Our top free Holland personality match website articles...