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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Career Key's College Majors E-Book: New Video Demo

For students, adults returning to school, and parents looking for help choosing a college major or training program, spend a couple minutes on Career Key's YouTube Channel for a short video overview of our "Match Up Your Personality to College Majors" eBook.

Although this eBook has a lot in it (1,400 college majors and training programs and their descriptions, scientifically classified by Holland personality type and Career Key work group), it is very easy to navigate with Adobe Reader. Click on the video below to watch now:

Soon we will be uploading more short videos with tips for getting the most out of this "Match Up" eBook and using College Navigator to find colleges and universities that offer the college majors and programs that interest you.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Grand Rapids Community College Majors Resource

Welcome to the newest Career Key College Major Match participant, Grand Rapids Community College! We've created a new college majors resource for GRCC's current and prospective students that lists all GRCC college majors and programs by Holland personality type and Career Key work group.

If you take the Career Key test you can use your scores to find matching GRCC programs at GRCC's new Career Key Match Up web page. If you are a current GRCC student, follow the instructions for taking the test on the page.

What are the advantages to choosing a college major that matches your strongest Holland personality types? Read "Personality-College Major Match - Why It Is Important" or download our free e-book, "Choosing a College Major Based on Your Personality; what does the research say?"

To see if your college or university has a College Major Match page, visit the Career Key website's Colleges that Match Up and/or Choose a College Major.

Career Key Career Test Overview Video

Career Key's YouTube channel now features a video overview of The Career Key career test. Take two and a half minutes to watch if you'd like to learn more about our valid career test or you are a new user who wants to get the most out of the experience:

If you are a Career Key career test group discount customer, feel free to share the link with your test takers as a quick introduction.

I plan on adding to our Career Key Demos and Tutorials video playlist so feel free to suggest more ideas...