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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Choose a Career Using Your Motivated Skills

Bernard and Jean Haldane pioneered a powerful new approach to career planning (see the remembrance blog post last week). We will remember their important contribution.

Their basic method was to help people identify the skills that they enjoy using -- a “motivated skills” analysis. Then, with this knowledge, choose a career that uses these skills.

Many of their ideas were popularized in Richard Bolles' What Color is Your Parachute. My experience in using it was very positive.

I first came across it in Bernard’s book How to Make a Habit of Success (1981). A review of this book on describes its promise and limitations,

"This book was a Godsend for me in my search for my new career. It showed me how to identify the things in my past that were the building blocks of a long, successful and enjoyable career. It works best for methodical people who follow its instructions in detail. The results are well worth the effort. I have given copies to all of my children and many of my friends."

You can learn how to do this analysis in our article, Identify Your Skills (see the second page). Being “methodical” is important. Study this article carefully.

Many find it hard to recognize their personal achievements, to analyze and articulate the skills involved, and to relate the results to their careers.

Ideally, you want to work with an analytical person trained in this process or to attend one of the workshops offered by the Center for Dependable Strengths. [Note: “Motivated Skills” now called "Dependable Strengths" -- in deference to cultures that might find the former confusing or objectionable.]

For more resources, has a bibliography of Bernard and Jean Haldane’s work.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Remembering Career Development Pioneer Jean Haldane, 1926 - 2010

We would like to take a moment to remember the career development pioneer Jean Haldane, who passed away on May 15.  Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, The Career Key's author, was acquainted with both Jean and her late husband Dr. Bernard Haldane, having used their work in his undergraduate teaching and continuing to recommend it today.

I took the liberty of copying the Puget Sound Career Development Association announcement below, with their links to her Seattle Times obituary and the Center for Dependable Strengths.

If you are not familiar with the Haldanes' work or Dependable Strengths, I strongly encourage you to visit the Center's website, take part in Dependable Strengths workshops, and read related books. One in particular I can recommend by Dr. Haldane: Career Satisfaction and Success: A Guide to Job and Personal Freedom.  Dr. Jerald R. Forster recently published an excellent book adapting some of the Haldanes' work called Articulating Strengths Together (AST): An Interactive Process to Enhance Positivity.

Jean Haldane
1926 to 2010

Jean Haldane, the beloved wife of Bernard Haldane, died on May 15 — four years after suffering a stroke. Jean had been a partner with Bernard in all his work from the time they married in 1965. Jean was much loved and respected by all who knew her. Below is a link to the Seattle Times obituary where you also have an opportunity to write about your memories of Jean.

A memorial service honoring Jean's life will be held Saturday, June 19, 11 a.m. at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church located at 4805 N.E. 45th St., Seattle, WA 98105. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church or to the Center for Dependable Strengths, c/o Highline Community College, P.O. Box 98000, MS 99-85, Des Moines, WA 98198-9800.
Seattle Times
obituary. At the top of Jean’s photo, click on “Visit Guest Book" to share your remembrances.
A description by Jerald Forster regarding a major training session that Jean would have had a key role at, but could not attend because she suffered a stroke in 2006.
A summary of Bernard and Jean Haldane’s work together.
A listing of the entire collection of the work of Bernard and Jean at the University of Washington.

Summertime at The Career Key

Finally, the sun has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest and it stays light until 10 p.m. (See Mt. Adams, 12,000 ft at left - seen across the apple orchards of Hood River, Oregon) And in accordance with Murphy's Law, I've been swamped with major Career Key projects - trumping my best blogging & tweeting intentions.

As you might guess, The Career Key websites are heavily used by secondary schools, colleges and universities.  So the summer is really the best time for us to do major updates to the content on our websites including our eBooks and website articles. 

Even so - we did get some major new content out in the last 6 months (in addition to updating the careers displayed in The Career Key test itself):
New eBooks:
  • The Education Key: Choosing the Right College Major, Training or Instructional Program
I'm also working with a large community college to organize all their majors and programs according to Holland personality type and Career Key work group.  If you're with an institution that would be interested in matching students' Holland personality type to your school's programs, please contact me at julietjones at 

So I'll be posting a little less than usual while we focus on these summer projects and updating our website. But we're still here....