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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Choose a Career and College Major with Holland's Theory, New Career Key Video Series

Learn how to choose a career or college major with Holland's Theory of Career Choice in a new YouTube video series "How to Achieve Career and College Success" from Career Key.

These short videos cover Dr. John Holland's six main ideas, including the Holland personality types (also known as Holland codes), Holland's work and education environments, and how to use the Holland hexagon. It's based on the popular Career Key web article on Holland's Theory of Career Choice.

How to Achieve Career and College Success Video Series

  • How to Achieve Career and College Success: Introduction
  • The Six Holland Personality Types
  • The Six Holland Environments
  • Holland Environments: searching for and interacting with them
  • The Holland Hexagon
  • Congruence: Making a Good Match

The series is created and presented by Career Key author and nationally recognized counseling psychologist, Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC. It is followed by a series on good career decision making.

All these videos will appear soon in a new section of the Career Key website.

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