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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Using Your Interests to Choose the Right Career Clusters and Career Pathways

Are you a student about to choose a career cluster, career field, or career pathway? Do you want to know how the 16 career clusters and 81 career pathways are related to your interests and what you want to study in school?

Are you a counselor or parent looking for an affordable, scientifically valid assessment that will help students make a good choice?

The Career Key is proud to announce the release of the first and only resource to match the results of a valid measure of Holland’s 6 personality types with the U.S. Department of Education’s 16 career clusters, fields, and 81 career pathways.

Please read more about this new affordable ePublication (PDF) in our eBookstore:
5 Steps to Choosing the Right Career Cluster, Field, or Pathway.

You can also see a preview at our website article, "Choosing a Career Cluster, Field, or Pathway."

Finally, we created a RIASEC/Career Key map of Career Clusters and Career Pathways - the first of its kind. It's included in our website article.

These are the product of years of research. When used with The Career Key test, 5 Steps is the first and only resource to,
  • Be based on a scientifically valid career test of the Holland personality types;
  • Explain, in clear language, the meaning of the Career Clusters and Pathways;
  • Match the results of the career test to promising jobs;
  • Identify the career clusters, pathways, or fields likely to prepare you for them; and
  • Lead you step-by-step to making a good decision – a method that is simple and based on sound scientific practice.
You can purchase an individual copy for $8.95 or add The Career Key test for a total of $14.50 - a 23% savings.

Like all of our popular ePublications, we offer a substantial group discount to enable counselors, non-profits and educators to use our high quality career guidance products. Using our $1 per test group discount and this ePublication ($3 each copy when you purchase at least 5); you can administer both for only $4 per student.

And we are the only career guidance company to donate 10% of our website sales to charity. Learn more by clicking on "Profits and Donations" at our Take the Test page and reading about our public service mission.

To evaluate this ePublication (or any other) before making a group discount purchase, please email me at julietjones at I'd love to hear from you. Besides, it's pretty scary to be excited about Career Clusters unless you can share it with someone...

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