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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do you need to fake sick leave? Time to Evaluate Your Career

If you take a sick leave day when you’re not really sick, does this mean you’re:
(a) sharp, just working “the system,”
(b) a deadbeat loser, destined for the fiery place, or
(c) in the wrong job or career?

(c) is the right answer. (I'm sure I'll get someone saying All of the Above). But really, no one who is satisfied with his or her job needs to fake a sick day. Yesterday I came to this conclusion as I lay in bed instead of working, worn out and nauseous from food poisoning the previous night. No one needs to call in sick if they enjoy their job, as I do.

Once I had to take a polygraph test to be hired for a law enforcement job. I was asked whether I had ever called in sick when I wasn’t. To the interviewer’s obvious surprise, I answered “no.” That’s anecdotal proof that he didn’t get that answer very often. This doesn’t mean I am a saintly person or that this was the first job I ever had. The only job I’ve disliked that much I left. I highly recommend the sick leave litmus test for job satisfaction.

To end on a light note, sick leave allowed me to watch a few episodes of Bravo TV’s “Make Me A Supermodel.” Ah, the old debate over who is narcissistic and who is self-confident. Highly successful people seem to know the difference – do you?

I’ve written before about boosting your self-confidence as part of career planning and learning new skills. I don’t have runway tips but I think these will be more useful.

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