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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Monday, January 19, 2009

6 Principles of the Free Agent Worker

No matter what the economy is doing, following these timeless 6 Principles of the Free Agent Worker will lead to greater control over your career and more success.
  1. Know and Strengthen Your Marketable Skills.
  2. Stay Mobile.
  3. Watch Your Company and Industry.
  4. Do Your Job Well.
  5. Be Loyal to Yourself and Your Family.
  6. Think “Right” Thoughts.
What often trips people up is not paying attention – just going through the motions wherever they work. Being in denial about your boredom or unhappiness is almost as bad as actively hating your job - the result is the same, job dissatisfaction.

If you lack the opportunity at work to use skills you enjoy, then it’s time to learn about and identify your motivated skills. It’s time to pay attention to yourself and what you need for satisfying work. Following the 6 principles listed above will give you a well-rounded approach to your work – keeping you in control of your future.

In the next six blog posts, I’ll examine each of these principles in more detail. I have a few examples from my own life to share...Feel free to share yours too!

Let's get started: Principle #1: Know and Strengthen the Job Skills You Enjoy


Caribbean Career Advice said...

Hi Juliet,
I follow your blog religiously and enjoy the posts immensely.
There's a question I have about the free agent worker and the term "mobility". I have noticed that you use it in an unusual way. Of course, at first I thought you meant being able to move freely and quickly as a normal dictionary definition. However, you seem to have a broader meaning. Could it be "available", "flexible", "visible", "participatory" or "involved". Awaiting your comment.
Angie in Ja

Juliet Wehr Jones, J.D. said...

Thanks Angie, I agree with your comment and will discuss it with Dr. Jones who wrote the website article my post is referring to. I will follow up in my future blog post on "staying mobile." We may need to use a different word... I really appreciate your comment! Thanks, Juliet