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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Choosing a Career in Canada?

Career Key Canada, our new resource for helping Canadians choose or change careers, is off to a great start! Last week I spent 4 days in Toronto at Cannexus 2009, the national career development conference for Canada. Our new site links your Holland personality to Canadian careers and Canadian career information - the only scientifically valid career test based on Holland's Theory to do so.

Here I am holding down the fort. Fortunately I didn't have to worry about my laptop going missing since my neighbors were the Canadian Forces. Don't we all have a renewed appreciation for our Navy folks in light of all the piracy news? Talk about a much needed ego boost for us here in the States, we needed to take out some bad guys...

I gave a presentation in addition to manning the exhibitor table and I have to say this has been one of the best conferences I have been to. The career counsellors I met were very friendly and interested in sharing their goals and challenges. There was a lot of interest and I am working on getting back to the many people I met.

If there are any career counsellors or career development practitioners out there, in Canada or the U.S. who want to try out and evaluate any of our Career Key tests or products, please email me: julietjones at I would be glad to help you.

So I'm back to posting to the blog after a little hiatus. I'm not one of those Twitterers or Bloggers who hires someone to blog under my name - so I have to write it myself. Lucky for you!

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