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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Career Key Adds New Careers to the Career Test and Websites

The Career Key has added new and more careers to the "match your personality with careers" sections of The Career Key and The Career Key Canada, both on the popular career test and at the websites.

The Career Key’s author, Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, just completed a 2009 comprehensive update of our unique occupation classification system of careers that match Holland’s 6 personality types.

The Career Key now offers the most updated classification of occupations based on Holland’s Theory of Career Choice. We are working on an ePublication for career development professionals with 600+ occupational titles, including those from the O*Net – please comment or contact me if you are interested in being notified when it becomes available.

Dr. Jones added careers and shifted some work groups to reflect changes in technology, the economy, and job titles. To learn more about our unique, practically useful classification system and the updates, please visit our online Career Key Manual. A few weeks ago, we also updated the complete The Career Key Manual with new research studies, the updated classification system, and the new and unique Career Key Map to Career Clusters and Pathways. More about Career Clusters soon...

For technical reasons and to limit disruption to our current users, we are doing this in a gradual way. Here’s our 3 step roll out plan:
  1. We have already updated our paper/pencil version of the test available in our eBookstore. We also added a new, paper/pencil Canadian version of The Career Key test, with Canadian job titles. We also added Canadian careers less common in the U.S.
  2. In May, we will start updating the “Match Your Personality with Careers” section of our Career Key website. The new update is already online at The Career Key Canada website.
  3. This summer we will update the career selection pages of the online The Career Key test. But starting in May, current online Career Key test takers can begin accessing the new careers, in addition to the ones offered during the test.
A small sample of a few of the careers we added:

Realistic: Cartographer or Photogrammetrist
Investigative: Computer or Information Scientist
Artistic: Multi-Media Artist or Animator
Social: Health Educator
Enterprising: Financial Examiner
Conventional: Insurance Underwriter

As you can guess, we've been really busy. Let's just say Dr. Jones and I didn't have much of a Christmas vacation. (or much recent vacation for that matter) But we wanted to get all this information up and out being used. So enjoy! As always, if you don't see a career you think we should have listed or any other feedback, please comment or email me.

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