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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Confront the Fear of Career Commitment

Many people have trouble choosing a career. Some are afraid to make the wrong choice. Others are concerned they might change their mind later. Overwhelmed by options, some people just wait for someone (parent, counselor, significant other) or a career test to just tell them what to do.

To cure your commitment problem, try confronting the truths that scare you the most:

No person/counselor/scientifically valid career test can tell you the one “right” career choice. But part of making a good career decision is gathering and considering a lot of information. Try the exercises in “getting started” and this 4 step career decision making process.

You’re responsible for your own decisions. But look on the bright side - you have access to a lot of affordable help. Your public librarian, your college career services counselor, the Career Key website and other high-quality Internet resources – are just a few. You are ultimately in control of your attitude and making your own luck – look for support and you will find it. Positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive people, as “woo woo” as it sounds, has been proven effective.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. But it does flow from your work and ideas. You have control over what you do to make money – whether through your own business, working 4 hours a day, or changing the world (or all of the above).

Some of your expectations about work and lifestyle may be unrealistic. (See Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees) Change takes time and effort so start with small, realistic work and lifestyle goals on the road to your larger ones. Short-term goals should be a stretch but achievable through your own efforts.

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Simon said...

Great points, and I agree with you completely.
There's also another fear that affects career changers, and that's the mis-belief they'll be stuck with the choice for the rest of their lives. It's this notion that they're only going to get one chance to make a right decision, maybe stemming from the job for life belief.

I believe the statistics today are you'll change jobs around 20 times and careers about 5 times in your work life. Knowing your career choices are fluid and evolving would help overcoming the fear too.

Simon at VirtualJobCoach