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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Using the Career Personality Test To Jumpstart Your Career Planning

A valid career personality test is just one tool for making a career choice but one of the most important. By giving you a concrete, science based way to jumpstart your career planning, you will be more likely to take action and make a decision you won’t regret.

Three of the biggest challenges in choosing or changing a career are:
  • Getting started – what to do first?
  • Narrowing your career choices to a “short list” of options.
  • Making and following through on your decision.
Taking several valid career tests can help you overcome these challenges by giving you a:
  • concrete first step to immediately take,
  • proven, accurate way to narrow your options, and
  • confidence builder by knowing your decision is based on proven science, making it more likely that you’ll follow through on your decision.
Holland’s Theory of Career Choice, on which our career tests are based, is the most popular, most researched and well-established career theory in the world. Helping you locate yourself in the world of work is its greatest benefit. The Career Key test is a scientifically valid measure of the 6 Holland personality types.

If you’re still having trouble focusing or getting started on your career plan, I recently found this excellent online resource with great tips on how to concentrate. When you get to summarizing your objectives and setting a “general strategy of accomplishment,” look to our most popular page, “Getting Started,” to show you the way.

I also recommend visiting my previous posts: 5 tips for choosing the best career test and Career Test Results. Our 3 websites, The Career Key, The Career Key Canada, and The Self-Employment Key, offer one of the few scientifically valid career tests on the Internet.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you. How have you successfully used valid career tests to get started and focus your efforts?

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