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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reading OK! magazine and self-employment ideas

If you want to find out what startup businesses may NOT be the right choice, OK! and other gossip and fashion magazines are your idea book. These magazines contain ads/articles for many of the products featured in hot new business lists. Noting the popularity of my post on hot new businesses, I wonder if people are looking in the wrong direction to what's "hot" now instead of what works now and will work in the future.

Granted, our consumer culture almost certainly guarantees a place for "hot list" celebrity wannabe merchandise like handbags, specialty lingerie, and organic cotton PJs eco warrior Leonardo DiCaprio wears (now that he's no longer dating supermodel Gisele). While "of the moment" now, these items are expensive to create, market, and wedge into an already crowded field. The "hot" lists say little about these challenges. And more importantly, is your personality even compatible with these industries?

What about the time-tested successful areas like franchises, real estate development, and services? I think these options are sometimes lost in the spectacle of what's hot now. It's easy to get caught up the the frenzy to be "of the moment," envisioning your product on Oprah's favorite things list. All I'm suggesting is that when you consider business ideas, you look at areas compatible with your personality AND have a market, both now and in the future. Our website contains a lot of practical information about high quality decisions that will help you.

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