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Author: Career Key's President and CEO, Juliet Wehr Jones, GCDF, J.D.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Career Choice a Process?

Should making a career choice be a process? A series of actions or steps you take? Most experts I know would say, "Yes, for most people." And, we have designed our website with this in mind. We encourage users to see it as a process, to follow the steps in the self-help articles that apply. Most will agree that the breadth, depth, and quality of our articles are unrivaled. But, with a few exceptions, the percent of people who look at them is quite small.

For example, on our home page we say, "Learn to use the Career Key website guided by these three principles: 1. Know yourself, 2. Know your options, 3. Make a good decision." But, fewer than ten percent of our visitors click the button, "Learn More". The same is true for most of the other articles on our website.

The authors of an article in the Journal of Career Assessment (2003) recommended three criteria for evaluating online self-help career assessments; one is "Emphasis on Process": The material communicates to the user that career planning and development are ongoing processes . . . Clear steps in that process are identified so that the user can understand where she or he is in the process and what the next steps might be."

We describe those steps, but most Career Key visitors do not seem interested. Why? Do we need to do more at our website to encourage users to do this? Is it that they do not have to pay and, thus, do not see them as valuable? People want a quick answer? What do you think?

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